Galleria Professional Solid Nature Oak Flooring 18mm x 150mm Natural Brushed & Oiled (1 pack=1.8 m2)

Sale price£111.00


Key features:


  • Perfect for those seeking a timeless floor with a classic appeal
  • Natural tones provide a warming ambience
  • Brushed and oiled to preserve its authentic appeal
  • The classic width of this floor is ideal for most rooms in your everyday home
  • Best installed by professional


Classically elegant with a warm, welcoming feel, this traditional-style wooden floor will make a gorgeous addition to any room. Galleria Professional Solid Nature Oak features natural variation within the grains for a more authentic appeal – this nature grade floor is as characterful as it is durable. Blessed with warm oak tones and a relaxed, natural appearance, this truly timeless floor will add a sense of warmth into any room in the home.

Versatile plank sizing creates a more relaxed look, ideal for those areas of your home you’re looking to create a cosy feel in such as your bedroom or living room. All sized at 150mm wide with a selection of varying length planks – from 300mm up to 1200mm in their length. At a sturdy 18mm thick, the traditional tongue-and-groove fixing of this floor is best fitted by a professional installer.

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